Chinese parents are sending their internet-obsessed children to military camps

The Xicheng Military Training Base is just one of 250 functioning camps in China

Wednesday 07 October 2015 16:53 BST
Chinese Parents Send Kids to Military Camps to Get Rid of Internet Addiction

The post-millennial generation know nothing of life without technology; it has been ever present since their birth. Unsurprisingly, it has led to some children becoming addicted to the internet and mobile devices. Surprisingly, the solution for some Chinese parents is to send their children to military camp in order to curb their addiction.

The footage above shows The Xicheng Military Training Base located on the outskirts of Beijing, it is one of 250 camps nationwide which caters to helping children deal with an addiction to technology.

Chinese parents are sending internet-obsessed children to military camps in attempt to curb addiction

The founder of the Xicheng Base and former People’s Liberation Army soldier, Mr Jang, believes it is an effective treatment.

“Instead of focusing on hard study, these kids’ parents hope to train their children’s personality and build up their independence through military training. They think this is much more appropriate for their future development.”

“Nowadays, so many children are completely addicted to smartphones and computer games. But they are not allowed to use any electronic devices here. This can help them to get rid of their addictions.”

One attendee of Mr Jang’s camp has enjoyed the fresh air and lack of technology but perhaps not for the right reasons.

“I enjoy the military camp so much because here I can play games just like Counter Strike or tank games and it is much funnier than the computer games because it is real life.”

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