Colour runs riot at Hindu Holi festival

People around the world have been covering themselves from head-to-toe in brightly coloured powders in celebration of the Hindu Holi festival, or festival of colours, which marks the arrival of spring.

The Indian city of Mumbai today exploded with a riot of pink, red, green and yellow as revellers took to the streets and temples to cover each other with the abir pigment.

The Holi, which dates back to the seventh century, traditionally takes place on the day of a full moon in the month of Phalgun (March in the Gregorian calendar. The colours represent the triumph over evil in the form of energy, life and joy.

The gloomy UK even caught a dash of Holi vibrancy yesterday when a colourful tribute was paid to it in London’s Brick Lane.

“Holi is celebrated by families and communities all over India and is a way of bringing people together to enjoy culture, colour and of course food.” says Ramesh Chonath, a chef at Mumbai Spice, which organised the London-based Holi celebration.

“We wanted to capture this amazing spirit here in London and give people the opportunity to enjoy traditional Indian culture.”

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