The secret to a long marriage? Pakistan couple wear matching outfits for 37 years

The identical outfits are ‘a message of peace and love’, says the couple

Namita Singh
Thursday 15 October 2020 10:56
This married couple in Pakistan has been wearing matching outfits for the last 37 years

“Couple of Faisalabad” is the title of the Facebook profile shared by Muhammad Nasir and his wife Shagufta, who have become famous in their eastern Pakistani city for wearing matching outfits every day for the last 37 years.

Together now for 38 years, the couple say it took them that first year to come up with the unique idea of always wearing colour-coordinated shalwar (trousers) and kameez (tunic).

“We spent the first year thinking about it because we wanted to do something that no one has done and something that no one [else] can do,” Shagufta Nasir said in an interview with Pakistan’s Samaa TV.  

The couple said that they had also taken time to decide on the type of outfit to wear. “The clothes should be such that they look good on both men and women,” she said.

Once the key decisions were made, all that was left was to come up with a varied wardrobe – times two. 

“We both go shopping together,” Shagufta said. “Sometimes I do the embroidery but when I struggle, then my husband pitches in.  And that’s how we design both our clothes together.”

After starting out with a mission to be unique, the couple say that after 37 years they now hope someone else will take inspiration from them and follow in their footsteps.

And they are also glad to get word out about their story to an international audience. “Our style of clothing is a message for the world," said Muhammad. "And that [message] is peace and love."

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