Nepal earthquake video shows shocking moment aftershock avalanches narrowly miss Everest base camp

Avalanches crash near base camp where 17 were reported dead yesterday.

Louis Dore
Monday 27 April 2015 06:26 BST
Mount Everest base camp after the avalanche (AP)
Mount Everest base camp after the avalanche (AP)

Aftershocks hit Mount Everest on Sunday after Saturday’s Nepal Earthquake killed more than 2,500 people and an avalanche killed at least 17 people on the mountain.

The incident is being called the worst disaster in Everest’s history, and sherpas have warned that the death toll on Everest is higher than currently reported, suggesting that more bodies will be found on the mountain in coming days.

A 6.7 magnitude aftershock shook the mountain today, triggering a second avalanche which only narrowly missed basecamp.

Newly released footage shows how close today’s aftershocks came to triggering more disaster at basecamp.

The video shows the avalanche running down the side of the mountain, stopping short of the onlooking base camp.

One of the dead on the mountainside was Daniel Fredinburg, an American senior executive at Google.

The survivors include a number of Britons, including Daniel Mazur, a climbing expedition leader from Bristol and Alex Schneider and Sam Chapatte, newlyweds.

They have been blogging about their journey up the mountain and the disaster, and said: “No one knows how bad the damage of the icefall route down is yet, but we have heard that our part of Basecamp has been flattened.”

“Helicopters have been in to pick up the sick and injured. We’re OK. We’ve got food and the sherpas are being amazing. We’re OK,” they wrote.

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