Such a fungi! North Korean leader Kim Jong-un laughs as he is mobbed by screaming, crying women during visit to mushroom farm

Despot surrounded in scenes more often associated with the likes of Harry Styles or Justin Bieber

John Hall
Wednesday 17 July 2013 15:23

It’s a scene more often associated with the likes of Harry Styles or Justin Bieber, but it appears it’s not just good-looking pop stars that get mobbed by screaming females as they walk down the street.

Earlier this week, it was the unlikely figure of North Korean despot Kim Jong-un who was set upon by adoring crowds of women as he toured a mushroom farm in the country.

Click here to view more pictures of Kim Jong-un's visit to the mushroom farm

In a photograph released by the state-controlled Central News Agency, a smiling Kim Jong-un is seen surrounded by a large group of women wearing white boiler suits.

Many of the women, who are assumed to be workers on the mushroom farm, are seen crying with joy as the dictator is led through the crowd by a stern-looking female soldier.

A number of additional propaganda photos were released from the rotund leader’s visit to the fungi farm, including snaps of him grinning as he is surrounded by a mountain of mushrooms.

Several other shots show Kim Jong-un speaking to generals who frantically jot down his words in notepads.

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