Woman ‘tries to open plane door mid-flight in suicide bid’

Passenger apparently tried to force the doors open while two others helped

Tuesday 05 January 2016 19:15 GMT
The incident occurred on a Capital Airlines flight
The incident occurred on a Capital Airlines flight (Flickr )

A passenger tried to open the doors of a plane mid-flight in an apparent suicide attempt.

The woman is said to have made the attempt on board a Beijing Capital Airlines flight from Changsha to Sanya, while two others reportedly tried to help her.

When crew intervened, she threatened to kill herself on the plane and a fight broke out, according to China Aviation Daily.

Roger Standy, a user of Chinese social media website Weibo, said he was on the plane.

“It's really not an easy job to be flight crew, especially when facing the daredevils," he wrote.

All three were restrained by flight staff and were arrested once the plane landed.

Capital Airlines confirmed an incident took place, but said the airport authority was still checking the details.

The suspects are now being held in pre-trial detention on the grounds of endangering public safety, according to China Aviation Daily.

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