Man has 'DEVAST8' tattoo removed because it prevented him from getting jobs

He will need 11 more laser sessions to fully remove the tattoo

Samuel Osborne
Wednesday 19 July 2017 09:48 BST
Man who couldn't get job because of huge 'Devast8' face tattoo has the '8' lasered off

A man who said he couldn't get a job because he had the word "DEVAST8" tattooed across his face has had the first of 12 laser removal sessions.

Mark Cropp, 19, took to Facebook last week to beg employers to look past his prominent tattoo, which was drunkenly inked by his brother while they were both serving time in jail.

Within hours he received dozens of job offers and said he "stopped counting when [he] reached 45".

Mark Cropp said he had been inundated with job offers 

 Mark Cropp said he had been inundated with job offers 
 (New Zealand Herald screengrab)

Mr Cropp accepted an offer to have the tattoo removed from his face for free by Briar Neville, a senior laser technician at Sacred Laser in Kingsland, Auckland.

He attended the first of 12 laser removal sessions, to have the "8" removed from his cheek.

Overall, the free treatment is valued around $3,000 (£1,700) in total.

According to Metro, Mr Cropp said: "It did hurt, it was like a burning sensation.

"Briar did just one section and I have to go in next week to see what reaction it has had. If it is all good and dandy I can have more done every six weeks.

"I'm excited and so grateful for it. I have been feeling quite emotional about the fact people have offered me so much help.

"I have been really pleased by everything, it has all moved so much faster than how I thought it would have. It is quite overwhelming really."

Mark Cropp's Facebook post sparked a flurry of offers 

 Mark Cropp's Facebook post sparked a flurry of offers 

Mr Cropp was serving a two-year jail term for aggravated robbery when his brother, who was also his cell mate, gave him the tattoo.

It was supposed to be small and go along his jawline, but after the pair drank an alcoholic home brew made from fermented apples, sugar and bread, the tattoo turned out to be larger than intended.

The makeshift needle was made from a straightened spring and cassette player gun and ink made from burnt plastic cutlery, toothpaste and water.

Mr Cropp said: "I fell asleep and eight and a half hours later I woke up with this.

"I completely forgot about it and then when I looked in the mirror I was like 'holy s**t' so I have had to live with it from then."

He is due to start a new scaffolding job next Monday.

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