Harman Singh gets a big surprise as he is thanked for cradling an injured 6-year-old's head with his turban

Singh said the gift of furniture it was the best surprise he'd ever got in his life

Doug Bolton
Sunday 24 May 2015 16:30 BST
Harman Singh, 22, became internationally famous after a picture of him using his turban to help and injured child went viral.
Harman Singh, 22, became internationally famous after a picture of him using his turban to help and injured child went viral.

The Sikh man who removed his turban in order to help a young boy who was bleeding after an accident has been given a very special surprise by a New Zealand TV station.

Harman Singh, 22, made headlines around the world after a picture emerged of him using his turban to help a child who was caught up in a car accident.

At his home in Takanini, South Auckland, on 15 May, he heard a screech of tires and ran outside to see what had happened.

He found 6-year old Daejon Pahia lying on the road, after being hit by a car. The emergency services were called, and Singh removed his turban to cradle the child's head as paramedics tended to his wounds.

The wearing of turbans is mandatory for Sikh men, and it represents spirituality, honour and piety. It should not be removed in public, and is used to hold up and protect the hair, which is never cut, in accordance with religious rules.

Mr Singh became a worldwide phenomenon after the picture was widely shared online, and a news crew from New Zealand's OneNews went to interview him at his home.

After airing the report, viewers raised concerns about his home, which was very sparsely decorated - there were only a few plastic garden chairs in the living room, and Singh slept on a mattress on the floor.

The station went back to do a second report, to see how he has dealt with his new found fame - in the interview, he modestly denied that he was famous, and said that he was simply doing what anyone would have done in that situation.

But halfway through this second report, he got a surprise - working with a local furniture shop, the station had arranged for a van full of new furniture to show up at his front door, part of a gift to repay his kindness.

Harman Singh broke down in tears of joy after the news station surprised him with new furniture

In the video, a tearful Singh is overwhelmed by the act of generosity, and says it is the best surprise he's ever got in his life.

Before long, the news reporter and most of the crew are crying too.

The video provides a heartwarming end to a touching story - just be careful you don't start crying like a baby when you watch it.

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