North Korea declares US faces 'thousands-fold' revenge after the introduction of new UN sanctions

Penalties part of 'heinous US plot to isolate and stifle' North, says Pyongyang

Harriet Agerholm
Monday 07 August 2017 09:18
North Korea state broadcast: US faces 'thousands-fold' revenge following new UN sanctions

North Korea has said it will launch "thousands-fold" revenge against the United States after it introduced tough new UN sanctions.

The UN Security Council unanimously approved new penalties for the North after it launched intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The sanctions include a ban on coal and other exports worth more than $1 billion.

North Korean missile 'can hit US mainland' says Kim Jong Un

The North's statement, carried by state media, said the sanctions were caused by a “heinous US plot to isolate and stifle” North Korea.

The UN sanctions will never force the country to negotiate over its nuclear program or to give up its nuclear drive, Pyongyang claimed.

It added that it will take “action of justice”, but didn't elaborate.

Previous attempts to force Pyongyang into abandoning its nuclear weapons programme have been undercut by the North's trading partners not implementing them.

US President Donald Trump has demanded the penalties be implemented quickly and in full.

Yet Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has indicated there was a slim possibility negotiations could recommence.

If the isolated state stopped testing missiles for an "extended period" – longer than 30 days – the US might deem the North is ready to talk, he said.

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