The world's most popular politicians: Putin's approval rating hits 86%

The Russian president's approval ratings continue to rise

Zachary Davies Boren
Friday 27 February 2015 12:51 GMT

Despite, or perhaps because of, the Ukraine crisis, Vladimir Putin's popularity continues to scale new heights, with a recent poll showing the Russian president's approval rating at an astounding 86 per cent.

Moscow-based pollster the Levada Centre, which surveyed 1,600 Russians across 134 cities, found support for Putin was up 21 per cent in the last two years.

Although there have been accusations that some of Putin's electoral victories may have been less than legitimate, his unparalleled popularity is clear to see; his approval rating rises as Russian relations with the west worsen.No world leader enjoys public support approaching Putin, not even the revered Angela Merkel in Germany; she has 64 per cent.

Barack Obama has 46 per cent, about par for the course for a President entering his final 18 months in office.

David Cameron continues to outperform the Conservative party, and his rival party leaders, with a recent Opinium/Observer poll finding 41 per cent approval.

Australia's Tony Abbott just barely survived a leadership challenge earlier this month; his personal rating stands around 29 per cent.

And France's Francois Hollande, whose popularity enjoyed a bounce after the Charlie Hebdo attacks on Paris, is back to being widely disapproved of by voters; he has 21 per cent support, according to La Dimanche.

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