Danish travel company asks would-be grandparents to buy their children sexy holidays

Spies, a Danish travel agent, is asking grandchild-less parents to get their kids to hook up on holiday

Doug Bolton
Wednesday 30 September 2015 22:38 BST
Could a beach holiday be the answer to Denmark's aging population?
Could a beach holiday be the answer to Denmark's aging population? (Spies/YouTube)

A Danish holiday company has hit upon an interesting marketing tactic to shore up its sales - while simultaneously reversing the problems caused by Denmark's ageing population in the process.

Holiday company Spies, part of the Thomas Cook Group, has launched its new 'Do it for Mom' campaign, a tongue-in-cheek promotion that encourages older women without grandchildren to buy active holidays for their children.

The idea is that by going on an active holiday to a sunny country (Danes apparently have 50 per cent more sex when they travel abroad), their sex drives and fertility will increase, and the parents will finally be able to get some grandchildren.


Only 20 countries in the world have a lower birth rate than Denmark 

Spies also hopes that their campaign will do some good for the nation - Denmark has a low birth rate, with 10 children being born per 1,000 people every year, the lowest in the Nordic region.

As if the promise of long-awaited grandchildren wasn't enough to persuade Denmark's elderly to buy their children holidays, Spies has thrown a couple of incentives in as well.

If elderly parents donate to their child's holiday, Spies will give a discount of up to 1000 Danish kroner (£100) off the cost of the holiday if it's booked.

And the first 100 couples who take their parents up on their offer and book the holiday will receive an 'activity package' consisting of a bottle of champagne, massage oil and protein bars to fuel all the baby-making.

It's not clear whether a marketing stunt like this will be the answer to Denmark's ageing problems, but at the very least it could create some very happy new grandparents.

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