Italy earthquake: Barking dog found alive in rubble after nine days

His name was Romeo

Matt Payton@paytesy89
Friday 02 September 2016 19:28
Dog rescued from Italy earthquake rubble after nine days

Firefighters have rescued a Golden Retriever from a pile of quake rubble after they hearing the dog barking, nine days after the trembler struck central Italy.

The dog, called Romeo, appeared to be bewildered at first as it scampered down the mound of broken concrete and other debris, but quickly took a few steps, wagged its tail and sniffed its surroundings.

Firefighters said rescuers heard the dog bark as they were accompanying the pet's owners to retrieve essential belongings from their quake-damaged home.

A cat has also been saved the rubble after spending days trapped in one of the worst-affected areas, Amatrice.

Named Gioia, the cat was described as well but dehydrated.

The earthquake on 24 August claimed at least 290 lives, injured hundreds and left thousands of people without homes or with homes unsafe to inhabit.

The most heavily affected towns were Amatrice, Accumili di Rieti and Pecara del Tronto. The effects were felt in Rome

At least three Britons were killed in the 6.2 magnitude earthquake.

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