New-born baby found wrapped in a plastic bag and dumped in a sewer in Alicante

Baby was discovered after neighbours reported meowing noises emerging from a communal drain

Heather Saul@heatheranne9
Sunday 15 February 2015 19:57

A baby believed to have been thrown into a sewage drain and left for dead is recovering in a Spanish hospital.

In a case echoing that of ‘Baby 59’, the new-born in China discovered in a toilet pipe, the baby was rescued after being thrown down a communal draining system wrapped in a plastic bag with a breathing hole in it.

Neighbours in Alicante, south east Spain initially reported hearing what they believed to be a meowing cat stuck in the system, but when firefighters arrived on scene they quickly realised that the noise was in fact that of a baby. Rescuers cut through the drain to reach the child, who reportedly still had its umbilical cord attached. Firefighters then administered mouth to mouth resuscitation before transporting the child to hospital.

Alicante authorities understand that the woman gave birth in her home on Friday at 2.30pm. She admitted herself into hospital later the same day but told doctors that she had miscarried, before eventually admitting that she had attempted to get rid of her baby.

The child has been transferred to the intensive care unit where it is still receiving medical care, and is believed to be in a serious but stable condition, Associated Press have reported.

Investigating officers have said the baby, who weighed 2.1kg (4lb 10oz)suffered bone fractures, amongst other injuries from being thrown down the sewer system.

Authorities said that the 26-year-old had not wanted the pregnancy but could not afford to pay for a termination.

Police have confirmed that the unnamed woman may face charges of attempted murder. Investigators are now looking into whether another party was involved.

Additional reporting by agencies

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