Russian frigate's missile misfires and spins wildly out of control at Navy Day celebration in Crimea

Video: Vladimir Putin's military might might not be as impressive as his muscles...

Kiran Moodley
Friday 31 July 2015 10:39 BST
Russian missile misfires during naval parade

Vladimir Putin has just approved a new version of Russia's maritime doctrine calling for a strong Russian presence in the Atlantic Ocean - but the former KGB man's latest military display won't leave NATO quaking in its boots just yet.

The Russian Navy displayed its firepower at a Navy Day parade in Sevastopol, Crimea, the former region of Ukraine that was annexed by Russia and became the Republic of Crimea in 2014. The country, a subject of the Russian Federation, is not recognised by large sections of the international community, and the invasion of the area by Russia was seen as a clear sign from Putin that he had ambitions to bolster Russian strength abroad.

Putin's new doctrine says that NATO is pursuing "unacceptable" plans to move military infrastructure to Russia's borders and the president was evidently enjoying elaborate ceremonies in the country on Sunday to celebrate Navy Day and the might of the Russian forces.

Yet one rogue missile ruined the display: launched by the Russian frigate Ladny, the missile can be seen wildly spinning round and round before plummeting into the sea.

Other powerful vessels on display included the MPK-118 'Suzdalets,' the large landing ship 'Azov', as well as a TL-997 torpedo recovery vessel. There were also numerous electric submarines on display.

Navy Day was established in 1939 during the Soviet era but the celebration was dissolved in 1980.

Putin reinstated the day in 2003.

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