Why Russia’s attacks on Ukraine’s ports matter for us all

First Moscow ended a pivotal deal allowing Ukraine to export grain, now it is repeatedly attacking the country’s ports, writes Bel Trew. The consequences will be felt from the poorest in Egypt to kitchens across Britain

Friday 21 July 2023 19:47 BST
<p>Russia has been striking ports in Ukraine for days</p>

Russia has been striking ports in Ukraine for days

When Russia hits Ukraine’s farmers, it lashes out at the world.

This has been the resounding message I’ve heard over the last year of Moscow’s invasion by Ukrainian farmers from Donbas to Dnipro.

Most recently that warning was relayed near the southern city of Nikopol. “We are just one farm, there are thousands like us,” Vitaly, 29, told me in a crumbling field. “If we cannot produce food, there will be a problem for the world,” he added.

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