The Independent launches Breaking News email alerts

Keep up to speed with all the latest breaking news from around the world with our new newsletter alert

Philippa Jenkins
Friday 20 August 2021 15:55 BST
(The Independent )

The amount of different daily news updates on offer can make it seem like a minefield to decide which ones to sign up to.

To help make that decision easier, here at The Independent we have launched a free one-stop shop for all your breaking news updates. By signing up to our new breaking news newsletter you will receive real time alerts straight to your inbox.

We are committed to bringing you a trustworthy and useful email that will help keep you up to date with all the latest breaking news from our reporters across the world.

And we are doing a few things to ensure our breaking news email won’t be intrusive and is the alert you can rely on.

Firstly, we are limiting the number of email sends to a maximum of just two a day and secondly, the emails will only be sent between the hours of 7am to midnight BST to ensure you are not disturbed by notifications overnight.

Both of those actions mean that when you receive a breaking news newsletter from The Independent you know it is going to be only the most urgent and important news that we are delivering to you.

The first breaking news emails will be sent from the week commencing 23 August.

You can sign up for free by clicking here and selecting the Breaking News icon under the popular section.

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