Isis films reactions of cheering crowds watching Jordanian pilot burned alive on screens in Raqqa

Video features young boy being interviewed after watching the pilot's death

Heather Saul
Wednesday 04 February 2015 17:49 GMT
A young boy interviewed in the video after watching the pilot's death
A young boy interviewed in the video after watching the pilot's death

Isis has released a video showing men and young boys gathering to watch the burning to death of a Jordanian pilot on large screens around Raqqa, the group’s Syrian stronghold.

The video, entitled ‘Muslims' joy at burning of Jordanian Pilot’, shows crowds cheering and chanting what appears to be Allahu Akbar (God is great) as First Lieutenant Muath al-Kasaesbeh is set on fire in a cage.

In the footage, cars can be seen parked in the street as people gather to watch the barbaric broadcast. Shouts can be heard after the pilot is set on fire before the camera switches to a smiling boy praising the killing. Adult men are also interviewed and asked for their reaction.

The four-minute film bears the extremist group’s media arm logo.

Al-Kasasbeh was captured by Isis when his F-16 crashed over Syria on Christmas Eve during US-led coalition bombing raids near Raqqa.

The 26-year-old’s death sparked outrage and protests from across the Middle East and anti-Isis protests in Jordan. Government spokesman Mohammed al-Momani vowed "this evil can and should be defeated" after the video's release.

Another man speaks during the video
Another man speaks during the video

In the 22-minute footage showing Al-Kasasbeh's death, the pilot displayed signs of having been beaten, including a black eye. Toward the end of the clip, he was shown wearing an orange jumpsuit and stood in an outdoor cage as a masked militant ignited a line of fuel leading to it.

Jordan, who had earlier vowed an “earth-shattering response to the killing”, executed two militants in retaliation, including the female prisoner Isis demanded be released.

The Jordanian Government had offered to hand over would-be suicide bomber Sajida al-Rishawi in exchange for al-Kasasbeh, but froze the swap when it failed to receive proof the pilot was still alive.

It now believed that Lt al-Kasasbeh was in fact murdered on 3 January. The video of his death differs greatly to those released previously, showing British militant ‘Jihadi John’ parading hostages before beheading them.

Responding to his death, the pilot's father has urged his government to "take revenge for Muath and to take revenge for the country".

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