Isis releases first video showing the stoning of woman accused of committing adultery as her father shouts 'don't call me Dad'

Amnesty International says apparent murder is 'yet another example of the disgusting depravity of Isis'

Rose Buchanan
Thursday 23 October 2014 07:15

Isis have released a video appearing to show a young woman being stoned to death in the presence of her father, who refuses to forgive her alleged crimes.

The execution, which was released in the early hours of Tuesday night by Isis, who also call themselves the Islamic State, took place in Hama, Syria, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, but the date of the stoning cannot be confirmed.

In the video the militants press the father to forgive his daughter, accused of committing adultery, before she is stoned to death - in order to set an example.

“This punishment right now, is a result of your action you chose. No one forced you, therefore you need to accept God’s law, and to accept and submit to God. Islam is submitting to the will God,” one of the militants says to the girl.

After accepting the punishment for adultery, the girl appeals to her father for forgiveness.

Despite being encouraged by Isis members, the father refuses to forgive his daughter for her alleged crimes - at one point shouting not to call him “dad”.

“My heart doesn’t obey me, I can’t forgive you,” the girl’s father says in the video, as he clutches his chest with his hand.

Eventually, heavily prompted by the Isis militants surrounding him - who claim the girl will “meet God” so must be “content” - the man forgives his daughter.

But when she asks him to pray for her, he responds by shouting: “What do I pray for you? No.”

Finally, the girl advises women to “protect your honour more than your lives,” before she is tightly bound by rope and led over to a hole in the ground.

Isis militants surround her and throw rocks.

In July, the group stoned two women in Raqqah province, which is Isis’s stronghold in Syria. This is the first time such an atrocity has been filmed.

Amnesty International UK Syria Campaign Manager Kristyan Benedict said: “The apparent murder of this woman is yet another example of the disgusting depravity of Isis.

“It’s further evidence of how Isis are hell-bent on humiliating and terrorising anyone who doesn’t agree with their medieval worldview,” he said.

“The international response to Isis must include a firm commitment to bring the perpetrators of these horrible crimes against women to justice.”

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