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From Lebanon to Iran to Syria – the threat of a wider Middle East war is growing by the day

Bel Trew visits northern Israel where residents near the border with Lebanon fear a war with Hezbollah as rocket and tank fire is exchanged daily. It is one of a number of fronts close to igniting over the bombardment of Gaza

Wednesday 25 October 2023 21:39 BST
<p>Israeli forces near the border with Lebanon</p>

Israeli forces near the border with Lebanon

At Israel’s northern border, the metronome of artillery and rocket fire hammers home one of the biggest concerns right now: that tensions here could turn the conflict with Gaza into a region-wide war for the Middle East.

Cross-border battles between the Israeli military and Hezbollah, a Lebanese militant group allied to Hamas and supported by Iran, are steadily increasing in step with the rising ferocity of Israel’s bombardment of Gaza.

Despite the fact that it doesn’t feel like anyone wants a full-scale regional war, the security situation is rapidly deteriorating to the point where posturing about war might make it inevitable.

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