Mapping the crisis in Gaza

Monday 05 January 2009 11:50 GMT

As the What Should Obama Do Next? map began to address the unfolding events in Gaza last week, it was soon apparent that the immediate crisis and the wider Arab-Israeli conflict merited detailed consideration on a new map.

To this end, Independent readers and the Debategraph community have begun to seed a map on the crisis; including arguments raised by Robert Fisk and Johann Hari, and some of the questions and answers from the Twitter press conference organised last week by the Consulate General of Israel in New York .

The Gaza map (above), which will require significant iteration and community input from a wide range of voices to reach maturity, is motivated by two medium-term objectives:

  • to present the different worldviews that underpin the conflict fairly and succinctly on a common map.
  • to map creatively and constructively the options open to the participants in the conflict and the international community, and the arguments for and against the different options.

As with the Obama map, you can also keep up to date with developments on the Gaza map via the Independent Minds blog and @TheIndyDebate on Twitter.

This is an emotive subject. If you see statements with which you disagree strongly, help us address them on the map.

David Price [david AT debategraph DOT org]

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