Sex please, we're the top over-50s

Andrew Marshall
Tuesday 03 August 1999 23:02

AGE SHALL not weary them, nor the years condemn: because they are America's sexiest people of mature years. The American Association of Retired Persons (AArp) has compiled a list of the raunchiest stars aged over 50 and in a survey attempted to define their attraction.

"As we age, sex appeal goes well beyond good looks," says Hugh Delehanty, editor of the organisation's Modern Maturity magazine. "It's that extra something. Whether it's warm intensity or cool composure, intelligence, power or personal style, there is an endless array of attributes that contribute to sex appeal."

They range from the "steam heat" of Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon to the "vintage sexy" Paul Newman and Sophia Loren. The British score particularly well in the "sexy sans hair" category with Sean Connery and Patrick Stewart.

The Aarp survey deals with sex and the over 45s. It points out that "the Viagra generation" is something of a myth, as "few of those with self-reported problems are taking these new drugs, and for those who are frequency hasn't increased, but the sex is better."

But it says that people find their partners more attractive as time goes on, and they carry on having sex. Among those with sexual partners, more than six in 10 men aged 45-59 and women 45-54 report that they engage in sexual intercourse once a week or more, as do over a quarter of those 75.

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