So you want to live . . . in a Llewelyn-Bowen flat

By Adam Jacques

Wednesday 04 February 2004 01:00

Did he design it or live there himself?

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen's brother brought this third-floor loft apartment as an empty shell back in 1997. Not many of us have the good fortune to then call upon the services of the flamboyant fop - who probably relished the opportunity to stamp his individual mark upon his bro's new pad.

AnyChanging Rooms-style clangers?

Well, you either love the man's work, or relegate it to the contemporary dustbin, and the same goes of this little pad. "A Corbusier-themed interior" is the order of the day, according to Laurence's brother Ed. So we're talking a modernist look with a bit of Bowen panache thrown in for good measure (red painted walls, blue pillars and red wall recesses - with matching blue and red sofas).

Is there enough room to swing a cat?

"It's designed for one-and-a-half people, which is why I've had some problems selling it," admits Ed. Quite what he meant is open to interpretation - presumably he isn't suggesting you saw any potential flat-mates in half - but it's safe to say that it's ideal for couples, but would not be quite big enough for two platonic individuals.

Tell me more about the layout

The property is essentially an open-plan loft apartment with a suspended mezzanine level, which incorporates a bed deck and study area. The open-plan main level offers a reception area (where all those funky sofas reside), dining zone and kitchen section. The full-sized bedroom is partitioned off and is linked to the recently upgraded bathroom, resplendent in limestone.

Location Location Location?

The loft apartment is located within the heart of London's South Bank (and hop and a skip away from the Tate), home to endless rows of trendy coffee shops and restaurants. According to Ed, it's ideal for single bankers, stockbrokers and even lawyers in their late twenties (and obviously on square-mile wages).

How much?

Bankside Lofts, London SE1 is being marketed at £480,000 (Foxtons, 020-7704 5000)) and is the perfect opportunity to snap up your very own bit of Bowen boldness.

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