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11 British phrases Meghan Markle will have to learn before the royal wedding

The American-born former actress and her fiancé may have a language barrier

Chelsea Ritschel
in New York
Wednesday 02 May 2018 11:15 BST
Royal wedding countdown: The plan so far for Harry and Meghan

With Meghan Markle set to tie the knot to Prince Harry on May 19, the newest member of the royal family already appears to be rubbing off on her fiancé - by getting him to use American English.

The pair recently laughed about their language differences at the Commonwealth Youth Forum in London when Prince Harry used the American word “Band-Aid.”

According to the Evening Standard, Prince Harry said: “Don’t get sucked into the system of putting on a Band-Aid. American-style,” before explaining to Markle that British people typically use the word plasters.

While this is the first instance of Prince Harry’s Americanisation, we imagine Meghan Markle will also have to learn a few key British phrases - if she is to successfully communicate with her British husband.

These are the 11 phrases Meghan Markle should know ahead of her royal wedding on May 19 2018.

1. “I’m knackered”

With wedding preparations and official outings only set to increase as the wedding date approaches, it is likely Prince Harry will feel quite knackered - or tired.

2. “It’s parky out”

Temperatures in London are finally warming up but if the temperature does drop again, it would be useful for Meghan to know this means it’s cold outside.

3. “Old Blighty”

As Britain is officially Meghan Markle’s new home, she will have to learn all its nicknames. Blighty became popular army slang during the Boer War.

4. “A Bobby”

With loads of police officers around the royal palace, Markle may have heard this one already.

5. “That’s thrown a spanner in the works”

Hopefully this phrase, which means plans that have gone awry, will not be heard prior to the wedding - as we imagine Markle wants everything to be perfect for the big day.

6. “Having a good old chinwag”

Markle may have given up her former lifestyle blog, The Tig, but it would still be useful to know the phrase for having a gossip or chat.

7. “Ta”

A much-shortened word for thanks.

8. “A chav”

It is unlikely that Markle will be surrounded by many chavs in the confines of Kensington Palace - a generally offensive and derogatory British slang term for “low-class people,” but it is useful to know.

9. “Bits and bobs”

Markle will likely have lots of bits and bobs, or small tasks to complete before the royal wedding, set to take place at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

10. “Playing some footy”

Prince Harry is a big soccer fan and he often plays footy, or soccer - as she'd call it - with his brother, Prince William.

11. “I’m skint”

The 36-year-old former actress won’t have to worry about this British phrase, meaning I have no money, as she’s worth a few million herself.

With the royal wedding set to take place at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle on May 19 2018, we imagine Meghan Markle will be a Brit in no time.

This article has been updated. It was originally published in April 2018

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