When is the next solar eclipse in the UK?

The next partial eclipse visible in the UK will be in October 2022, but the next total eclipse is a longer wait

Adam Smith@adamndsmith
Thursday 10 June 2021 12:24
Watch live as ‘Ring of Fire’ solar eclipse appears in skies around the world

Those who missed the ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse will have to wait until October 2022 to see the next one.

The 10 June solar eclipse was visible across the east coast of the US, most of Europe including the UK and Ireland, and northern Asia.

The next one will take place on 25 October 2022, where it will be visible across Europe, northeast Africa, Mid East, and West Asia.

Unlike the ‘ring of fire’ eclipse, though, this will only be a partial eclipse. This occurs in the polar regions of the Earth, when the centre of the Moon’s shadow misses the Earth.

There is one total eclipse occurring before that – on 4 December 2021 – although that is not likely to be seen by many humans as it is only visible from Antarctica.

The next total eclipse that will be visible from the United Kingdom is a long wait; it takes place on 23 September 2090, where it will be totally visible from Canada, Greenland, United Kingdom, and France.

Such phenomena are short-lived; the ‘ring of fire’ eclipse covered nine-tenths of the Sun for only four minutes. They are also dangerous. Those wanting to see the event should use a special filter which blocks most of the light, as looking at the Sun with the naked eye can cause damage, even when it is partially or fully covered.

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