Football: The Sweeper - Mascot on the mat

Clive White
Sunday 23 October 2011 00:09

Name: Terrie the Terrier.

Club: Huddersfield.

Appearance: A big, round terrier, proud of the fact that he wears proper football boots.

Crime sheet: Mischievous mutt Terrie has been known to drop his shorts on the pitch, a sight that must have thrilled his female fans. With no control over his bladder, he has also been known to cock his leg at the goalposts. The hedonistic hound missed a game against Crewe after a heavy night of partying, has dyed his hair and then cut it off, and frequently annoys photographers at matches by tampering with their equipment after they've set up their cameras and gone in search of tea.

In mitigation, Your Honour: The man inside the mutt is actually a 16- year-old called Daniel Beaumont, who, according to a Huddersfield spokesman, "is experiencing the rush of hormones you'd expect in a teenager." The missed game against Crewe was, said the spokesman, more a case of "girlfriend duty" than excess boozing, and Terrie's other capers are simply good-natured high jinks.

Other information: Terrie loves to paws for the cameras, if not for thought. He sweats and scratches a lot, but his girlfriend (name unknown) loves him.

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