Cristiano Ronaldo reveals the key to his longevity and the importance of meditation

The Juventus superstar insists it is his focus away from the training pitch that has helped to maintain his success at the age of 34

Jack Rathborn
Tuesday 29 October 2019 09:03
Christiano Ronaldo breaks down in tears after seeing footage of late father

Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed his obsession to “stay young” as he continues to maintain his standards at 34 years of age while at Juventus.

The Portuguese recently scored his 700th career goal.

And Ronaldo believes his longevity comes down to his obsession to look beyond the training pitch to remain on top, including his love of meditation.

“My goal is to stay young as you get older, so competitive. Give me a player of my age who performs as much as I do at age, in a team like Juventus? It’s very difficult, you know,” Ronaldo told France Football.

“They say that I have an athlete’s body, but it’s not just the physical or the training.”

“There is the lifestyle, nutrition, sleep, the choice of exercises that you do. About 70 per cent of his life is devoted to football. You have to be smart to last. I call it the education of a footballer.

“Look at the young players! At 25, how many of them who have incredible potential, are injured recurrently. Do you think it’s a coincidence? They say it’s all bad luck. In life you can: I chose to follow those who are lucky.

Ronaldo salutes the Juventus fans (Getty)

“If I have the career I have, it’s because I’ve done things in order. Being at the top for 2-3 years is one thing, but try to be at it for 16-17 years..Do you think it’s just a question of talent?

“I tried it (meditation), 15/20 mins, it really works. It calms and brings me a lot of serenity. I meditate almost every day, working especially on breathing. In those moments, I’m in my bubble. But there are so many ways to meditate

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