Liverpool fans plan sit-in protest

Carl Markham,Pa
Friday 24 September 2010 13:18 BST
Liverpool fans detest the owners of the club
Liverpool fans detest the owners of the club (GETTY IMAGES)

A sit-in protest planned by Liverpool fans unhappy with owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett is just something else for the club to deal with, according to manager Roy Hodgson.

With the Americans' loan from the Royal Bank of Scotland due for refinancing or repayment next month and no sign of an imminent sale supporters are stepping up their campaign to oust the unpopular pair.

The latest plan is to get the crowd at tomorrow's game against Sunderland to remain behind to demonstrate peacefully after the final whistle

"I, like anyone at Liverpool Football Club, would be very happy if the ownership situation got clarified, and in particular if we got a very good owner that can help us move forward," said Hodgson.

"It (the protest) doesn't help but is something I've had to live with since I came to the club.

"It is a major issue for a group of people who are very much anti the owners and the current people who are trying to solve the situation.

"It is often the case that when things are conspiring against you there is always an extra thing to come in and make it that little bit worse.

"It tests our mettle, our desire and strength. I am very confident the strength of this club, the strength of the playing staff and the people around me is more than enough for the club to come through this period.

"But while you are in that period it is unpleasant."

A statement from the Liverpool Supporters' Union and Spirit of Shankly group said: "We have given time to those in charge and listened to more empty promises.

"Now we are demanding results, and action will continue for as long as the situation remains unacceptable to us as fans of Liverpool Football Club"

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