Louis van Gaal MUTV: the full transcript from interview the day after he stormed out of press conference

Under-pressure manager gave the interview after yesterday's memorable media briefing

James Orr
Thursday 24 December 2015 13:24
Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal
Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal

You said confidence is low after the Norwich game - what is the key to improving that?

"The key is always communication, focus, evaluation of the match. How we've prepared and so on and so on. Our focus to the next match against Stoke City. We have to focus on that match and we have to win that match."

Wins make everything better. Is it a must-win?

"Yes, I think so because when you have lost three times in a row to you need to win. But it's not easy. Stoke City have won also against Man City. It's a special ground. It's not easy, but there's a lot of circumstances where it's not suitable to always play good football."

It's usually very windy, the weather is usually very bad at Stoke

"We have analysed Stoke City and we've seen also the ball is falling in the wind.

What can you do about that though?

"Yeah, but you have to cope with every circumstance. And that's why we are preparing ourselves for that game and we can show the players what it is like."

Is there any news regarding injuries? Lingaard and Darmian?

"Yes, it's more or less the same. No difference. Jones has played 90 minutes and no reactions, so that's a good signal. Darmian should come next week, maybe against Chelsea, we'll have to see that. Of course we have injuries that take a long time. Valencia, Rojo - you can't change that."

Stoke have attracted Bojan, Shaqiri. Does that show the gap between the top clubs is closing?

"I have said already in one of my press conferences that players like Bojan and Xherdan Shaqiri are very good attacking players and have played for fantastic clubs like Barcelona and also Bayern Munich. You cannot say that these clubs cannot buy players from that level."

On how United can improve

"I cannot say too loudly that we have to improve our defensive organisation. It is true it is always better that we keep a clean sheet, but we have to attack also and finish our chances - that is important. There are a lot of aspects we have to improve.

"One month ago, we were first in the Premier League. Everything has changed but it’s also possible to be, next month again, in the fighting position for a title. But we have to win first against Stoke City, that is the main focus."

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