Andy Kellett joins Manchester United and 15 other weird stories from transfer deadline day

Classic tales of the bizarre from the strangest day in the football calender

Simon Rice,Charles Reynolds
Tuesday 03 February 2015 16:15 GMT

Every transfer deadline day you wonder why football clubs, who on the surface are supposed to be efficiently run businesses, often leave things so late.

After weeks of build up they all end up scrambling around for players like desperate Christmas Eve shoppers in a petrol station.

Much of the day involves endless rolling Sky Sports News bulletins involving Jim White shouting a lot, Harry Redknapp leaning out of a car window and the odd player changing clubs. But the bi-annual event has also led to some pretty strange occurrences.

From one player falling asleep in the airport to another driving to London only to be locked out, we collect together the weirdest deadline day tales, including one from the latest window - the arrival of Andy Kellett at Manchester United.

What are your favourite deadline day stories? Let us know below.

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