UFC: Dustin Poirier says ‘special’ Conor McGregor is the biggest puncher he’s ever faced

Poirier and McGregor have often traded verbal blows before and after their bouts, but this time the American only had praise for his rival

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Tuesday 05 October 2021 15:48
<p>McGregor and Poirier trade strikes</p>

McGregor and Poirier trade strikes

Dustin Poirier has set animosity aside to praise his long-time rival Conor McGregor, describing the Irishman as the “biggest puncher” he has ever faced.

Poirier and McGregor have fought three times, with McGregor winning their first fight in 2014 before the American won both of their more recent encounters, one by technical knockout and the other when McGregor broke his leg in the opening round.

Poirier and McGregor have often traded verbal blows before and after their bouts, but this time Poirier described his rival as a “special individual”.

“Conor McGregor [is the biggest hitter I’ve faced], no doubt about it,” Poirier told Patrick Bet-David and Valuetainment. “As the biggest puncher I’ve fought? Yeah, he’s a special individual for sure.

“I fought him in 2014, lost, and that was when his trajectory was... the sky was the limit. He was on his way up and he tore through everybody, became a two-weight champion.”

McGregor is currently recovering from injury after the leg break. The 33-year-old said last month: “I honestly feel like I could kick right now, but I’ve just got to listen to the doctors, listen to the people that are guiding me. That’s what I’ve done so far, I’ve committed myself to the work and I’m back on the feet. It’s so good to be back on the feet.

“I was upset for a little while, it’s not been easy. There’s been a few ups and downs on this, it’s probably one of the wildest things that’s ever happened to me in my life,” he added. “It’s not been fun, smooth sailing, but I got through it. I’ve had my family, my close team by my side, and we’re getting there.

“Still a long way, I don’t want to get too ahead of myself, like I said I feel like I can kick now, I’m not advised to kick yet. But I’m gonna get back. You think a broken bone is gonna stop me? Think again.”

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