AlUla Oasis View Trail

Reach an all-time high and behold AlUla from the Oasis View Trail

Wednesday 07 April 2021 13:04

If fresh air and the outdoors are your thing, then the Oasis View Trail in AlUla is a must. The route takes up Alfath mountain, the summit of which affords a truly breathtaking view of the oasis spread along the valley floor beneath you.

The lush, verdant green of the palm trees stands out against the dusty red of the sandstone hills and mountains either side of the valley - rendered eye-catching themselves under the vast rich blue of the desert skies.

Hiking the Oasis View Trail allows you to fully immerse yourself in all the natural wonder of AlUla and take in the awesome scale of the oasis and its palm and citrus groves as they stretch far towards the horizon.

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