Australian athletics team resume normal activity after isolation over US athlete’s positive Covid test

Members of the team were confined to their rooms after after American world-champion pole vaulter Sam Kendricks tested positive for Covid-19

Jack Rathborn
Thursday 29 July 2021 09:44
Tokyo 2020 round-up

The Australian athletics team has been allowed to resume normal activities at the Tokyo Olympics following a period of isolation.

Three members were deemed to be a close contact with American world-champion pole vaulter Sam Kendricks, who tested positive for Covid-19.

The three athletes, including Australian pole vaulter Kurtis Marschall, soon underwent PCR testing following a brief casual contact with Kendricks, who has been ruled out of the Games.

While waiting for test results, teammates remained in their rooms in line with AOC COVID protocols, though all three tests were returned as negative.

There were 54 members of the track and field team (41 athletes and 13 officials) permitted to leave after more than two hours in their rooms.

But now only the three team members tested this afternoon will be in isolation and will undergo daily testing.

They can also resume training, subject to strict protocols that limits contact with others.

Australian Olympic Team Chef de Mission Ian Chesterman said: “Once again, abundant caution and our strict protocols continue to keep the Team safe. We will continue to be very thorough in our observance of the Tokyo playbooks and our own additional measures.

“We want every Australian athlete to be in a position to have their Olympic moment. We will continue to be vigilant,” Mr Chesterman concluded.

Marschall trained with Kendricks recently, according toThe Sydney Morning Herald, with the athletics competition beginning on Friday, and the pole vault qualifying event on Saturday.

Argentine pole vaulter German Chiaraviglio announced on Instagram that he has tested positive for Covid and is out of Olympics, like Kendricks.

“It is very hard to process something like that, it will surely take me a long time [to process]. We knew this Olympic game was different and with different rules, and here I am, it’s my turn,” he said.

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