What the papers said about . . . Klinsmann

Saturday 06 August 1994 23:02

'Klins-funn . . . Mischievous Jurgen Klinsmann looked over the assembled inquisitors and said: 'To begin with, I have a question for you . . . Is there a diving school in London?' ' Mirror

'Cleansmann: Try to prove I'm a cheat, raps Jurgen.' Sun

'Once his cult status as master of the high-tariff dive has eroded under passage of weekly appearances, there is a lot to like about Klinsmann. If only all ogres were so agreeable. His chairman, Alan Sugar, is another cult-ogre of football, sacker of El Tel and so on. But he is currently basking in the world's notion that he has had a Damascus Road conversion to the glory game. Up to a point, Lord Copper. Sugar's spending spree . . . is not so much a desire for glory as an almost physical need to shove it up Lancaster Gate, the Football Association and all who sail in her.' Times

'Maybe Tottenham Hotspur's affable new signing was contemplating opening such an establishment (a diving school). Glowing references would readily be supplied by defenders like Milan's Alessandro Costacurta, who have experienced Klinsmann's knack of meeting rough with tumble.' Independent

'Klinsmann to be diving force.' Express

'Why I love Jurgen Klinsmann . . . Only six weeks ago this newspaper ran an appalling tirade entitled 'Why I hate Jurgen Klinsmann'. Its author accused Klinsmann of cheating, histrionic behaviour and looking like Chesney Hawkes. It is this kind of 'journalism' that I find deeply offensive.' Guardian

'Not since the era of the golden boy Lineker and Gascoigne have Spurs players looked so fanatical about a player.' Star

'Klinsmann is a slight, nimble figure who walks with his feet turned slightly inwards and seems to move on his toes, as if in permanent readiness to sprint downfield.' Telegraph

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