Cardiff University student David Sherratt speaks about why he’s anti-feminist, opposes sex consent classes and wants to remain single

Student argues how feminism 'actively harms gender roles' and how male domestic violence victims are discriminated against

Aftab Ali
Student Editor
Wednesday 18 November 2015 10:34 GMT
The student posts content online on men's rights under the pseudonym 'Spinosaurus Kin'
The student posts content online on men's rights under the pseudonym 'Spinosaurus Kin' (spinosauruskin/YouTube)

A student will no doubt be encouraging debate on gender issues after speaking out about how he’s anti-feminist and doesn't want a girlfriend in case she falsely accuses him of rape.

Speaking with online student publication The Tab, 18-year-old David Sherratt - a first-year chemistry student at Cardiff University - spoke about how he is member of a secretive society called Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW).

MGTOW is described as a movement which centres on a ‘statement of self-ownership’ whereby its members aim to steer clear of the social expectations of women and society in the belief that both have become ‘hostile’ against masculinity.

According to Sherratt, though, MGTOW’s message is about staying away from the opposite sex, and not doing ‘what’s expected’ of a man by remaining single and having no children.

He said: “It’s a direct reaction to feminism. I’m an anti-feminist. I don’t like feminism and I think it actively harms gender roles.”

The Tab highlights how MGTOW’s members usually remain anonymous. However, Sherratt has not shied away from making his views openly known, even going as far as to post anti-feminist videos online:

Explaining exactly why he doesn't agree with feminism, he said he believes it promotes women as being weaker than men, and that they need help from them - when men don’t get the same level of help they need.

He described how there are many male domestic violence victims who are unable to turn to shelters for help because they ‘all discriminate against them’, and said: “I have known people in abusive relationships who haven’t been able to get support, purely because of their gender.”

The student also ran into a spot of bother recently when he was forced to move out of a flat after just two months when his diehard feminist flatmates cornered him ‘for several hours’ over his controversial views and online video posts.

However, highlighting how the need for sexual consent classes today is ‘very, very worrying,’ Sherratt rounded-off: “On one hand, we’re told rape is something done to intentionally hurt people.

“It doesn’t make sense to do a class teaching rape is wrong, because people who are doing it know it’s wrong.”

Speaking with The Independent, Sherratt described how he was compelled to speak out because there are too few voices about such issues, and also because he noticed they have been getting “little mainstream attention”.

Very recently, he revealed, he has been receiving “a large amount” of criticism for voicing his opinions. Given that it’s mainly online comments, he added: “I tend to break down what they say and explain what’s wrong bit by bit, in a similar way to what I’m doing here, but more critical.

“If insults end up coming from my opponents, I often sarcastically respond to those. But, if genuine points are made, I will explain my position a bit better.”

Finally, discussing how he will be commemorating International Men’s Day tomorrow, Sherratt said: “I’m hopefully going to be discussing men’s issues with some other people on a livestream. It may not be Parliament, but at least some discussion can be had.”

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