That's pants! Hungary students in naked protest at miniskirt ban

Students revolt over newly imposed conservative dress code

Heather Saul,Tom Mendelsohn
Friday 04 October 2013 12:04 BST
Students hold protest conservative dress codes at Kaspovar University in Hungary
Students hold protest conservative dress codes at Kaspovar University in Hungary

Students at a university in Hungary have turned up to class in only their underwear, in protest at conservative new clothing rules banning miniskirts, flip-flops and low cut dresses.

Around 10 students and a professor at Kaposvar University in southwest Hungary attended classes on Thursday clad only in pants, or, in some cases, nothing more than strategically placed textbooks, in protest at the draconian new rules.

The naked protest is in response to a letter written by the university's rector to students imposing a conservative dress code, meaning dark suits and shoes for men, and jackets, blouses and trousers or long skirts for women.

"From October 1, there is also no place in the university for mini-skirts, flip-flops, heavy make-up, inappropriate fashion accessories, or unkempt fingernails and hair," the letter read.

Lighter clothing is apparently still allowed during warm summer days - in Hungary temperatures can often reach 30 degrees or more - which gave the students the idea for their protest.

"We were appropriately dressed but the class room was so warm we removed some clothing as is permitted," one student told AFP.

Male and female students were both involved, and plans are afoot for another protest on Monday, when students will wear flip-flops and beach towels.

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