UEA is the latest university to ban 'The Sun'


Lauren Cope
Friday 25 October 2013 16:31

The Sun newspaper will no longer be sold on UEA's campus, after a hotly contested decision made by the Union of the University of East Anglia (UUEA).

The motion, which was passed at a union council meeting on Thursday evening, comes after claims that the UK's biggest selling newspaper undermines gender equality and violates union policies. 

Following a vote against a referendum, 57 per cent of the council's votes were in favour of boycotting, with 38 per cent against. 

Although students are permitted to bring their own copies of the Sun onto campus, official union outlet "The Shop" will no longer stock any.

Women's officer Rachel Knott, who proposed the motion, said: “This week the University of East Anglia became the latest student body to stop stocking The Sun in support of No More Page 3.

“Along with over 15 other universities, the British Youth Council and the Girl Guides, we are making it clear that the young people of this country will not tolerate media sexism and the casual objectification of 50 per cent of the population.”

The result, which follows a recent decision to ban members of the public from UEA bars, has received mixed reactions. While many are pleased, concerns about press censorship are evident.

"The sexualisation and objectification of women is an issue that needs to be tackled," said final-year modern history student Billy Sexton. "However, I think that the boycott infringes upon free speech and that students are mature enough to choose which news publication they read - the union shouldn't decide for them."

Reactions on Twitter were equally mixed: Cath Hardy tweeted: "The Sun has been banned at UEA by union council. #notimpressed #presscensorship students should have personal choice."

Meanwhile, Eleanor McDavis said: "The Sun banned on UEA Campus after a vote this evening of Union Council! Well done! I am proud of you UEA. #NoMorePage3."

A debate on banning contentious single 'Blurred Lines' has been deferred for two weeks.

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