Game review: Sega Rally

Rebecca Armstrong@RebeccaJ
Monday 12 October 2015 15:54

If you like your racing a little rougher around the edges, Sega Rally is a must-play.

The terrain changes as you race, reacting realistically to the onslaught of burning tyres, and this means that no two circuits are ever the same. It blends arcade action with true-to-life details and there are around 30 motors – including 4WD, 2WD and classic vehicles – to collect.

While Sega Rally doesn’t offer the depth that PGR4 does, it is incredibly good fun to play and gets very challenging on the harder levels. The controls are a little heavy on slide but this game is all about thrashing cars round the track and getting a quick fix of action rather than going for style. The intense three-lap races are about as exciting as gaming gets, making this pick and- play rally racer totally addictive. It might not be as pretty as some of its rivals but it sure is entertaining.

Format: Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Publisher: Sega

Price: From £29.99

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