Hells of residence: Inside Macedonia's horrifying student accommodation - where the walls are green and the food is black

Caution: this really is disgusting

Jo Barrow
Wednesday 12 March 2014 13:58 GMT

Although students in the UK complain about loud neighbours, messy communal kitchens, occasional food thefts and having to trek to a washing machine in a separate building, the injustices of the student accommodation system in the UK don't compare to those in this block in the Republic of Macedonia.

With mould climbing up all the walls, festering and squalid toilets and a shockingly unappealing array of food in the canteen, this gallery is enough to make any student grateful for their 1970s concrete blocks.

Reddit user nyrrmi uploaded the photos yesterday that highlights the poor quality of student living conditions in Goce Delcev, a dormitory in Skopje, Macedonia. In a caption to one of the photos, nyrrmi commented: “In general, student dormitories in Macedonia are notorious for their sub-human conditions.” Accommodation like this costs from 50 to 65 euros a month (£41-£54) including all meals.

And to really hammer things into perspective, in the last picture, nyrrmi juxtaposes pictures of the halls with pictures of prisons in Norway. The comparison is astonishing.

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