5 ways the new Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G will change your WFH life

We’ve all adapted to a new life of remote and hybrid working – now, you need a laptop which is ready for it, too. old-fashioned laptops simply aren’t cut out for the new demands of working life.

Thursday 04 November 2021 09:52 GMT
(Samsung UK)

To upgrade your working from home setup, we recommend you turn your attention to Samsung’s new Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G. Not only is it one of the very best next-generation laptops available, but it’s packed with innovative tech that will elevate working from home like no other – and, it comes with all-new operating system Windows 11 as standard, itself expertly designed to maximise your productivity and your screen space. .

From super fast internet speeds, to slick video call tech and the ability to handwrite notes via the S-Pen, here are some of our favourite features which make Samsung’s smart new laptop the ultimate device for working, wherever you are...

Your laptop is Your Phone – literally

When you add Samsung’s newest laptop to your Samsung ecosystem, seriously smart things happen. One of those is the Your Phone feature of the laptop, which, as part of Windows 11 coming as standard with the new model, means as long as your phone is nearby, allows you to instantly see all the apps from your Android smartphone on the laptop, as well as making and taking calls, and continuing text message conversations from your keyboard – without even having to take your phone out of your pocket. It’s great for switching between devices as your tasks demand, and means everything is always right where you need it.

Boost your productivity with side-by-side apps

The WFH lifestyle doesn’t just include working from home – it means working from anywhere, and Samsung’s latest laptop makes that easier than ever. One of its productivity-boosting features in particular is the ability to have multiple side-by-side apps open in real time, without the need for any extra screens. The result: A full multi-screen workstation, all on one lightweight 1kg laptop.

If you’re working in a coffee shop, for example, that means no need to have multiple devices cluttering your table – everything is viewable on your one Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G screen. Not only does it simplify work, but it means you’re far less likely to accidentally leave a device behind – and leaves more room on the table for croissants, too.

(Samsung UK )

Easy, professional video calls with 360-degree hinged design

We’ve learned many things as a collective WFH workforce over the past year and a half. The foremost being: no one wants to look up your nose on a video meeting. So, put down the Microsoft Teams app on your phone, and stop looking down into your old laptop monitor below the eye-line because we’ve found the perfect solution. The eponymous ‘360’ in the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G refers to its special 2-in-1 design, with a hinge bends a full 360 degrees from a typical laptop shape, to making a standing ‘tent’ shape in seconds, allowing the touchscreen to stand freely, providing the perfect setup for video meetings.

At the same time, you’ll look your best on those calls too, thanks to this device’s innovative Studio Mode for video chats. Designed too fit our new ways of talking and meeting online and make you look and feel your best self on camera, this allows for great-looking filters, adjustment to your picture when on video - and even a useful makeup mode - to make you more confident on video than ever.

Work from anywhere with 5G

One of the most exciting things about Samsung’s latest next-gen device is that it is the tech giant’s first ever laptop with a 5G Simcard slot. That means that, dependent on your internet connection, it has the potential to achieve effortless real-time streaming of video meetings and presentations, as well as fantastic download and upload speeds – with low latency, and no time wasted waiting around for loading.

The even bigger upside of 5G coming built-in? You don’t need a WiFi connection to work online. For remote workers, it’s no overstatement to say that the 5G connection upgrades your entire working life. No longer are you tied to your home, or only spaces which have WiFi hotspots you can hop on to (and then spend half your time there trying to find out the password for said spot.) You won’t need to worry about finding a plug socket, either, as this device has a long-lasting battery which can run up to 20 hours on a single charge.

Together, you’ll enjoy true WFH freedom, working anywhere while on the move, while travelling, or even out in nature.

Take notes you’ll actually use with the S-Pen stylus

If there’s one thing people who really have their lives together all have in common, it’s that they make notes – and refer back to them. One of the special things about the Samsung Galaxy Pro Book 360 5G is that the ultra-responsive S-Pen stylus for its touchscreen comes with it, right in the box (with no need to buy additional accessories, like many other rivals on the market).

Use its 360-degree hinge to fold your device into a thin, flat tablet, or fold so it is freestanding, and use your S-Pen to take fluid, handwritten notes on screen, and annotate directly on PDFs in real time – all with delightfully low-latency.

Then, the laptop’s next-level Notes app will give you the option to turn your scribbled writing or maths calculations into typed text in a tap, as well as suggest titles and tags so you can easily organise and find the notes you’ve made. Yes, these are notes you’ll actually be able to read back and use. As if that wasn’t enough, your notes will also automatically sync and share between all your Samsung devices. No, it’s not magic – just the most useful tech ever.

It’s not just note-taking the S-Pen takes to the next level, though - sketching apps like PENUP allow you to create and share professional artwork, created all by your fair hand, your S-Pen and Samsung Galaxy Pro Book 360 5G. It’s an ideal tool for creative professions - and a wonderful stress reliever at the end of a working day, too.

The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G is available now from £1349 from Samsung.com.

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