Fed up with Facebook? Tired of Twitter? Emojli is the 'world's first emoji-only social network'

We don't know what it is but we're already glad it exists

James Vincent
Monday 30 June 2014 23:16 BST

With Facebook currently in hot water for casually manipulating its users’ emotions for their own benefit it seems like a good time to try out a new, less sinister social network – and what better than one consisting entirely of emoji? Meet Emojli.

While we’ve no idea how the site will actually look, a new teaser video (below) for “world’s first emoji-only social network” promises to fix the horrors of Facebook and the rest by doing away with spam, trolls, memes and hashtags.

Emojli's creators - Matt Gray and Tom Scott - told The Independent that the site is 100 per cent for real and will start life as a mobile messenger app. "If that lifts off, we'll take it from there!" said Mr Scott.

When asked if Emojli would 'do a Facebook' and try toying with its users emotions Mr Scott said: "If you look at it in a negative light, we'll probably be shortening their attention spans, limiting their ability to communicate, and bringing along the end of civilisation. That said, I think that same argument's been made about the internet, television, and pretty much every medium back to cave paintings."

Users can sign up now for the as-yet-unreleased social network and reserve their username. These must be emoji as well, so act fast if you want one of those definitely-soon-to-be-coveted single-emoji titles.

For those who are still a tad confused emoji are those tiny pictograms that you can send on your mobile or on Twitter, depicting everything from abstract symbols and common objects to - quite famously - a happy poo.

Some people think emoji are responsible for dumbing down the language, but other say they allow for more creative and expressive communication in post-txt tlk age. And even better, there's more emoji all the time - with 250 new characters announced earlier this month.

When asked whether Emojli was the next Yo (a one word messaging app that flared in popularity earlier this month) Mr Scott replied: "Yes. Literally. Yo was the last mostly-useless app to get a load of attention, so I guess we're the next one."

While we're mostly stunned by the news we have a feeling Emojli might be on to something. If an app that lets you send people the word Yo (and only the word Yo) can receive $1.2 million in funding, imagine how much money people will throw at something that lets you send hundreds of different characters to people? Just times $1.2m ... by emoji.

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