KSI vs Logan Paul: How to watch YouTube fight live, as free streams appear around internet

Videos of boxing match could offer invisible to dangers to people who search them out

Andrew Griffin
Saturday 25 August 2018 20:43 BST
KSI vs Logan Paul official fight trailer

KSI and Logan Paul are about to have one of the most anticipated boxing matches in the world. And they'll be doing the entire thing on the internet.

The YouTubers have promised "the biggest internet event in history" and it looks set to be watched by a huge number of people.

Actually watching it is relatively easy, for a boxing match. It will be streamed on YouTube, as you might expect, and will cost $10 or £7.50.

The live feed is already available on YouTube, and the event is also hosting a special web page for people in countries where the stream isn't available or for people who are unable to get it to work.

But despite that simplicity, free videos are already popping up around the internet. YouTube itself, for instance, is already full of streams that claim to offer , and there will no doubt be similar videos across the internet too.

Every major paid-for sporting event now attracts a host of people looking for free streams, and a raft of sites claiming to help them. But those sites are often either malicious or entirely fake, meaning that people seeking to watch the videos for free might actually find themselves encountering malware or other internet hazards.

KSI vs Logan Paul weigh in

Across YouTube, for instance, a host of videos have been uploaded where users claim to offer instructions on how to watch the fight for free. They often contain a whole series of instructions – other videos or pages to watch, for instance – but the actual content of those pages is impossible to verify.

If previous big events are any guide, the same videos will also be available on other channels such as Periscope and devoted websites as the time of the fight nears. Those are often difficult to shut down, especially for an event that is over so quickly, as was found during the Mayweather vs McGregor boxing match.

But those sites often carry malware and other dangers – making watching them at best more bother than expected, and at worst a potential security danger. Cyber security experts have repeatedly advised web users not to head to such sites for fear that they could endanger their users.

The proliferation of free streams appears to be concerning those involved, who have stressed that fans need to watch the fight through the traditional channels. The same concerns are shared by those hosting professional boxing matches as well as other sporting events, the broadcasting of which is under threat from illegal and free videos that are shared online.

Logan Paul has even uploaded a video instructing people on how to watch the fight, and stressing that they should do so legitimately by paying for the YouTube live stream.

The event begins at 7pm UK time on Saturday evening and will probably run into the night. The two YouTubers are also set for another fight in the US in 2019, but that venue has not yet been set.

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