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The 10 Best Memory Sticks

Josephine Forster
Thursday 19 January 2012 01:00 GMT

1. IronKey (8GB)


This US Department of Defence-grade USB stick has a "practically unbreakable" encryption and can't be disabled by worms, viruses, or any other known malware.

2. Swarovski Crystals (4GB)


These little chaps are more appealing than most of the novelty USBs out there, with anime-inspired looks that are more spangly birds than Angry Birds.

3. Transformer (8GB)


For the techno geek with a taste for comics, this red-eyed hellhound quickly transforms into the perfect guard dog for your files, with a USB drive concealed in its back.

4. Lego (2 GB)


If you're ever overwhelmed by modern technology, carry around this cheerful reminder of playtime. The USB drive is concealed inside classic, bold-coloured Lego bricks.

5. Thumb (8GB)


Yep, a real "thumb drive" (the name for memory sticks in the US). While we admire the slightly twisted literalism of its creators, this does rather give us the creeps...

6. Wristband (2GB)


A wristband-cum-memory stick for techies who hate cluttering up their pockets. It's smart and hard to lose, with the fastening incorporating the memory stick.

7. Darth Vader Unmasked Mimobot (2GB)


Unmask Darth Vader to reveal the carefully detailed face of a grizzled Anakin Skywalker – and all of your most secret information.

8. Cat (4GB)


Lucky charm, or just a cute desktop ornament? This little cat curls its tail around your data. Open up the compartment in its back to access your data, photos and, err, meowsic.

9. LaCie Fast Key (120GB)


This monster storage device doesn't come cheap – but manages to pack a massive 120GB into a tiny drive – comparable with a portable hard drive.

10. Bottle Opener (4GB)


Things that don't mix: computers and booze. Still, if you can't resist the temptation to upload those "hilarious" holiday pictures online, this bottle opener is just the thing.

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