Xbox Series X: Microsoft tells fans not to vape into their new consoles

Andrew Griffin
Thursday 12 November 2020 11:48 GMT
Twitter/Arek Adamowicz
Twitter/Arek Adamowicz
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Microsoft has asked users of its new consoles not to vape into the top of them.

The warning came after a run of videos shows Xbox Series X with white smoke coming out of the top, along with claims that fumes had started coming out the top when the console was turned on.

A number of people very quickly noted that the fume looked less like the smoke that would come out of fried components – and more like what would happen if a person vaped into the top and allowed the fan to blow it back out.

Microsoft had initially said that it was investigating the claims. But it has now issued a warning against blowing smoke into the top of the Xbox Series X.

"We can't believe we have to say this, but please do not blow vape smoke into your Xbox Series X," it said in a tweet.

Microsoft did not indicate whether or how vaping into the console would break it, but given that the holes in the top are intended to allow the components inside to expel heat into the air, it is possible that any vapour from an ecigarette would find its way onto the internal parts of the console and potentially damage them.

In a follow-up post, it pointed people to its support pages, where users can get help with legitimate problems.


Microsoft had initially indicated in a statement that they were investigating the issue.

“We take all product safety reports seriously and our products meet or exceed industry standards," a spokesperson said. "We are in the process of investigating further.”

Since then, a consensus has grown that the videos were in fact faked, and depicting the after effects of someone having vaped into their console. While there may be some issues with the first consoles – especially given so many of them have been released – the white smoke coming out of the top does not seem to be one of them.

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