Scandic To Go: The portable hotel room you can order to your favourite location

Scandic "To Go" is the latest quirky trend to emerge in Scandinavia

Kiran Moodley
Monday 01 December 2014 12:28

Ever wondered onto a undiscovered beach or a secluded bit of forest, taken in the stunning views and thought, "This would be the perfect place to stay?"

Such a wish is now a possibility - well, in Scandinavia anyway.

Launched in June, Scandic "To Go" is a 18-metre squared portable hotel room that comes with two beds, a bathroom with shower, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, a terrace and breakfast included.

Albeit slightly cramped and looking from certain sides like a nuclear bunker above ground, the large windows and simple styling makes the container feel like something out of your favourite Scandinavian drama.

Since its launch, the Scandic "To Go" pod has been placed in Trondheim in Norway, a theme park and a beach in southern Sweden, and by a Finnish lake.

For now, the pod is on a marina Djurgarden, central Stockholm.

That's because 33-year-old Eva Zall applied to stay in the hotel several months ago and asked for a central Stockholm location. Once Scandic found the current setting, they asked whether she would be okay staying the night there, to which she said yes.

The room set her back 2,500 kroner for one night, that's roughly £215. For Stockholm, that's in the medium to high end of hotel rooms.

With the current location allowing Zall and her husband to gaze across the waterfront from their veranda in a romantic setting, the price seems appropriate.

"I don't think you will get this view in any other hotel room. It is really a once in a lifetime opportunity," she told the Associated Press.

While the box is placed in various locations by Scandia, there are certain days when guests can apply for their own preferred locations.

However, due to the box having to be moved by truck and a placed into position by a crane, the location chosen has to be accessible by road or by boat, so a mountain top hideaway is out of the question.

Johan Michelson, Scandic Vice President of Brand and Products, said, "The strangest request we have had was from a prisoner. He wanted to put it up in the prison. That would have been a rather strange place for it. But I guess it could also be some sort of advanced escape attempt, I guess he could have tried to go out with it when we removed it."

Scandic To Go can be booked on the Scandic website.

Additional reporting by the AP.

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