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Flight attendants share 22 things they'd love to tell passengers but can't

Rachel Gillett
Monday 26 September 2016 15:30 BST
(Getty )

To keep their jobs, there are some things flight attendants just can't tell passengers, even if they want to.

But some of these things, while perhaps controversial, could end up being a service to fliers or flight attendants, if only someone would just tell passengers.

So we asked flight attendants everywhere to weigh in on the one thing they'd love to tell passengers but can't, and more than 60 shared their insights.

We've anonymously included some of the more constructive thoughts here:

'Be considerate'

“It's not all about you.”

'If your flight is delayed, you'll probably miss your connecting flight'

“They will not hold your connection, ever.”

'No, you can't have three different drinks'

“Don't you see the 100 other people waiting for us?”

'Public transportation isn't for everyone'

“If you have such high demands you should consider getting your own plane.”

'I'm not talking to hear myself speak'

“I'm tasked with carrying out the rules and regulations set forth by FAA. I risk a possible fine if I don't do what I am tasked to do. There is always a reason we say the things we say.”

'Plan for delays'

“Why did you think it was a good idea to book your connecting flight 30 minutes after your first flight?”

'Griping to crew about things they can't control changes nothing'

“You're venting, which is fine. But it won't change anything. Speak to the folks who make the decisions and the big bucks. We didn't choose the wifi system. We didn't choose the leg room. We didn't choose to charge for certain things. I'd love to have it all free and roomy and completely reliable!”

'Behave yourself'

“You are sitting next to a Federal Air Marshal, so put away that tequila you bought in Duty Free.”

'We wish we were staffed better so we could give you the service you deserve'

“If it seems like we are forgetting about you, we are not. We just have minimum crew. Usually we are staffed with one flight attendant for every 50 passengers. We need better staffing.”

'An airplane is not a grocery store'

A thing of the past? BA becomes the first mid-market air carrier to charge for meals after striking deal with M&S. File photo (Rex)

“We are 30,000 feet in the air — we have what we have today.”

'You're not the only one …'

“I'm afraid of turbulence, too.”

'I'm here to save your ass …'

“… not kiss it.”

'You could get arrested for doing whatever you want'

“US law requires compliance with lighted and posted signs and crew member instructions.

'The seats are not getting smaller'

“You are getting bigger.”

'We ran out of chicken …'

“... not fuel!”

'Keep your shoes on'

“Don't walk around the bathroom and aircraft without shoes on — its filthy.”

'I am not your servant'

“I'm not your maid or your waitress or your babysitter, either.”

'Just because you're in business or first class does not make you royalty!

“And the guy in the back also paid for a ticket and deserves my time as well.”

'Clean up after yourself'

“Don't leave your area a mess. Internationally they give you a blanket in a plastic bag. Use the bag to put your trash in.”

'You're in close quarters'

“Take a shower before you fly.”

'Get over it!'

“You're in a metal tube hurtling though the air at 600 miles per hour at 38,000 feet — you should be amazed and thrilled, not bitching that you don't have a TV screen to shove your face into for the next two hours.”

'Please use your manners'

“It's amazing how many passengers will not say 'please' or 'thank you.' Oftentimes they will barely look up at you. It's very very rude and probably my biggest pet peeve. I'm here to offer you something, Please acknowledge me. Common courtesy is a thing of the past.”

Responses have been edited for clarity.

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