Travel question: I don’t want a refund... I’d rather travel in style

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Simon Calder
Wednesday 17 April 2019 18:18 BST
Flying high: a first class ticket isn’t always guaranteed
Flying high: a first class ticket isn’t always guaranteed (Getty/iStock)

Q I have a one way, first class flight booking with Jet Airways from Mumbai to London next month, booked using Virgin frequent flyer points and ticketed by Virgin Atlantic. If Jet Airways can’t fly me, is Virgin obliged to offer me an alternative flight on another carrier? They’ve offered a full refund but that won’t help me secure a one way ticket home, possibly at short notice. What I want is a first class ticket (on another carrier) which I have paid for. Do you know if Virgin are obliged to provide this or can they fob me off with business class?

Luke K

A From Mumbai to Heathrow, the only other airline with first class is British Airways. I have just checked and the lowest one way fare I can see is £4,500. So I am afraid that I cannot see Virgin Atlantic buying you a first-class ticket on BA. And because the original was booked for travel on a non-European Union airline from an airport outside the EU, the air passengers’ rights rules, known as EU261, won’t help you. (The fact that Virgin Atlantic is British is irrelevant.)

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