11 secrets cabin crew won't tell you

From plane food to crashes, what they know and what you don't

Will Grice
Saturday 28 November 2015 15:14 GMT
Pilots don't eat airline food, they get their own meals prepared especially for them
Pilots don't eat airline food, they get their own meals prepared especially for them

You may think you know it all about air travel - the frustrating limits on hand luggage, the massively inflated price of a Boots meal deal - but there are some things even the most frequent flyer is ignorant to.

Quora, a Q&A site where people pose questions and those with experience in that field answer them, has revealed some of the secrets that airline staff would never tell you. So prepare to hear things about air travel that you never knew about.

Pilots eat different food

While you may be handed a tray of indistinguishable food, a pilot is given a separate specially prepared meal to ensure they don't get ill.

The little black box isn't indestructible

Despite what films may have you believe, the black box can be destroyed through extreme pressure and fire, like most man made materials.

There's a secret code for a hijacking

If a plane lands after being hijacked, the pilots will leave the wing flaps up (the ones used to slow the plane down as they land), this is a signal that something is awry.

You will pass out if you don't use your oxygen mask

This may sound like common sense, but if the cabin loses oxygen at altitude you will pass out in roughly 15-30 seconds if you don't put your oxygen mask on.

Don't drink the water on the plane

Unless the water came directly from a bottle then it's best to avoid it. As all of the water on a plane has been heavily treated with chemicals to ensure there are no germs present. This also applies to coffee and tea.

There's no such thing as air traffic control delays

Most airports will have a plane landing or taking off on average every minute, meaning there is more often than not a lack of space for planes to land as the make their final approach.

Major airline pilots are earning major bucks

If you become a pilot for a major airline you can expect to earn from £97,000 a year.

The plane isn't that likely to crash mid-flight

The most common time for a plane to crash is during take off and landing.

Turbulence isn't what you should worry about

An updraft is a current of rising air, normally found within a cloud. An updraft feels like hitting a speed bump at 500mph. Turbulence is nothing to worry about.

Using electronics is ok

There has been no conclusive proof that using electronics on a plane interferes with them in anyway, but we wouldn't advise you to try it out, as otherwise you may find yourself in trouble with the staff.

They'll forget about the seatbelt sign

Sometimes pilots will forget to turn off the seatbelt sign, even during smooth flight paths.

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