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Baggage allowance guide: Luggage limits for Ryanair, British Airways, easyJet and other airlines

Our guide to luggage allowance for the UK's top 10 airlines

Joanna Whitehead
Saturday 01 September 2018 11:15 BST
Baggage allowance guide: Luggage limit for top 10 airlines in the UK

When planning your holiday, it’s vital to be clear about the baggage allowance you’re entitled to. This ensures you can pack efficiently and avoid hefty charges at check-in when you arrive at the airport.

We researched 10 of the most popular airlines in the UK to find out exactly what you’re entitled to before you lift off.


From 1 November 2018 Ryanair passengers will only be allowed to bring one mid-size bag – 40cm x 20cm x 25cm – onboard unless they choose to pay extra, cutting the free luggage allowance by almost two-thirds. Those who pay £6 for priority boarding will be entitled to bring an additional large bag (up to 10kg) into the cabin; passengers also have the option of paying £8 to check-in a 10kg bag that will travel in the hold.

There is no cabin bag allowance for infants (aged eight days to 23 months) travelling on adults’ laps. A baby bag up to 5kg may be carried by the accompanying adult in addition to their own cabin bag allowance.

Duty free bags are permitted in the cabin along with your cabin baggage.

Each passenger can purchase up to three checked bags of 20kg for the hold. The pooling or sharing of purchased checked baggage allowances is permitted with others included on the same flight reservation when checking in together.


EasyJet passengers can take one bag on board as hand luggage. There’s no weight limit, but it must not exceed 56cm by 45cm by 25cm (including handles and wheels).

Each customer, including children and infants, can buy up to three hold bags. A standard hold bag is 23kg. No single item can weigh more than 32kg and the maximum total size (length + width + height) must be under 275cm.

British Airways

The free hand baggage allowance that British Airways offers varies depending on your destination.

Broadly speaking, passengers are allowed one handbag or laptop bag not exceeding 40cm by 30cm by 15cm in size and 23kg in weight, plus one additional cabin bag not exceeding 56cm by 45cm by 25cm in size and 23kg in weight. Infants under two-years-old are allowed one cabin bag for items required during the flight not exceeding 56cm by 45cm by 25cm in size and 23kg in weight.

Similar to cabin bags, the amount of hold luggage each passenger is entitled to varies depending on your destination and ticket type. A checked bag cannot exceed 90cm by 75cm by 43cm in size, including handles, pockets and wheels. The weight limit applies to each bag and it’s not possible to split the total weight across multiple bags. Check what you’re entitled to in the “Manage My Booking” section of BA’s website.


On Jet2 flights passengers can take one piece of hand baggage on board at a maximum weight of 10kg and not exceeding 56cm by 45cm by 25cm in size. Customers are also entitled to purchase up to three 22kg checked bags per person.


The baggage allowance available on Emirates flights varies depending on the class of travel, fare type and membership tier (if applicable).

Economy Class passengers are permitted one piece of carry-on baggage not exceeding 55cm by 38cm by 20cm in size and 7kg in weight.

Economy Class customers can check in up to 35kg depending on the fare type, while Business Class passengers are entitled to a maximum of 40kg and first class passengers up to 50kg. Passengers in all three classes can check in up to 10 pieces of baggage as long as it stays within the checked weight limit for their cabin class.

Virgin Atlantic

Hand luggage is included as part of all Virgin Atlantic tickets. Depending on your fare type, you may be entitled to take more than just one bag. Whichever class you’re in, the size of your bag must not exceed 23cm by 36cm by 56cm.

Hold luggage allowance varies depending on what kind of ticket you hold. Economy Classic and Economy Delight tickets include one checked bag not exceeding 90cm by 75cm by 43cm in size and up to 23kg in weight. Premium and Upper Class passengers are entitled to more.


Flybe passengers are entitled to one standard cabin bag not exceeding 55cm by 35cm by 20cm in size, including wheels and handles. You can also take a smaller under-seat bag, but both items must weigh no more than 10kg combined. Passengers with Get More or All In tickets may be eligible to check in hold luggage free of charge. Standard passengers are entitled to purchase one piece of hold baggage with fees based on weight, with prices ranging from £18.50 for 15kg to £49 for 40kg, split over two bags.

Thomas Cook Airlines

Thomas Cook Airlines passengers are entitled to one piece of hand luggage not exceeding 55cm by 40cm by 20cm in size and 6kg in weight. The standard hold baggage allowance is 15kg on short-haul flights, 20kg on long-haul flights and 23kg to the US.

Qatar Airways

Economy Class customers flying with Qatar are allowed to carry one piece of cabin baggage not exceeding 7kg. Checked baggage varies depending on destination and fare type, but must not weigh more than 32kg.


Economy passengers flying with Qantas are entitled to a single cabin bag weighing no more than 7kg per piece, although your entitlement depends upon your ticket type. Economy passengers on international flights (excluding North and South America) are entitled to 30kg of hold luggage, not exceeding 158cm in size.

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