Delta flight attendant threatens disabled travel blogger with ‘TSA guns’ in row over wheelchair

‘I don’t know why they were so adamant about not bringing it today, but to threaten us with guns?!’

Alisha Rahaman Sarkar
Tuesday 29 November 2022 15:01 GMT

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A disabled travel blogger has accused Delta Airlines’s flight attendants of threatening to forcefully deplane him after he insisted he would wait until his wheelchair was brought to the gate.

Cory Lee, a Georgia-based blogger diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy at the age of two, has been a wheelchair user for most of his life.

On 13 November, when the incident reportedly occurred, he was traveling from Santiago, Chile to Atlanta, Georgia.

Mr Lee was waiting to deplane when he learned his wheelchair was not at the jet bridge, after which he insisted on waiting inside the plane till he had access to it.

He claimed in an Instagram post that the crew “immediately got livid” and asked him to disembark.

The accessibility travel blogger held his ground as his request falls under the Air Carrier Access Act, which allows a passenger to remain seated until their wheelchair is brought to them.

According to the US transportation department, the law mandates airlines return wheelchairs to users as closely as possible to the door of the aircraft, if requested.

Mr Lee said it can take nearly an hour for his chair to get to the jet bridge and explained that the aisle chair used to transport wheelchair users to their own wheelchairs is uncomfortable for him.

“Plus it puts me at risk for developing pressure sores,” he told Fox News Digital.

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