Delta passenger sitting in first class bizarrely attacks snack basket on flight

The man allegedly attacked a flight attendant and a snack basket before being restrained

Martha McHardy
Friday 22 September 2023 10:54 BST
First class passenger arrested after trying to open aircraft door on Delta flight to Atlanta
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A first-class passenger on a Delta Air Lines flight to Seattle was spotted behaving erratically and attacking a snack basket.

A passenger who claimed to have been on the flight, Delta Flight DL316 from Atlanta to Seattle on Friday, said they saw the man attempting to open one of the aircraft doors.

The passenger also said the man attacked a flight attendant and a snack basket before being restrained.

The plane was not diverted, the post said.

In a post on Reddit, the passenger said: “Just happened on my flight. The good news is that everyone in first class stood up to help stop the guy. He hit a flight attendant. He was restrained in tuff cuffs. I was unable to tell if he was drunk or it was a mental issue. Plane was not diverted.”

“Craziest thing that ever happened on a flight I was on,” the post added.

Matt James, who took part in “The Bachelor” Season 25, posted a video of the man on Instagram, claiming he was “trying to fight everyone” and “Had to be held down until we landed.”

Mr James said he jumped out of his seat in Delta’s Comfort+ cabin and offered his assistance.

The man was reportedly arrested in Seattle.

Delta Airlines confirmed the incident. In a statement, a spokesperson told The Independent: “I can confirm that there was an incident involving an unruly customer on DL316 last Friday.

“We have zero tolerance for unruly behavior on our aircraft, especially towards our people and customers.”

Port of Seattle Police said: “Port police were dispatched to a call at 9:41pm. After boarding the flight it was discovered a male in his 60s was acting out during the flight hitting his fists on the aircraft walls and repeatedly hitting the snack cart.

“After attempting to pull the emergency door open, a flight attendant worked to restrain the passenger with the help of two other passengers. The subject was restrained to his seat. He reportedly fell asleep for 45 minutes until the arrival of the aircraft. Police took the subject into custody out of the aircraft.

“Outside, after being released from restraints, he was evaluated by Port of Seattle Fire Department medics, and eventually transported to the hospital for medical treatment. It was determined there was no criminal activity. There were no charges filed.”

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